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  • The American Dietetic Association has finally conceded a vegetarian diet can supply all the
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  • We are a sedentary nation of couch potatoes addicted to computer games, TV, and
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  • “Anything but water, please!” We really don’t say it, but when we go to
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  • Balance has lost its true meaning: Modern society has become a society of excesses!
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  • When we think “sunshine” we often think of a luxury SUN-cruise on the Caribbean,
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  • Smog’s Contribution to Illness You feel like someone’s choking you! Your chest feels tight—you
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  • Today, as never before, “the pressure is on:” Pressure to beat out the other
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  • By now, you may have come to realize that you need help to improve
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Facts for the health

March 24, 2015

Treatment of Cancer

The most successful cancer treatments are based on flooding the body with nutrients, which promote the oxygenation of cells and nourish the immune system, while at the same time starving cancerous cells.Consume a diet of all natural, whole foods. Include…

Recepie for the day

November 26, 2014

Greek salad

Products: 60 ml 1/4 cup olive oil125 ml 1/2 cup lemon juice3 ml 1/2 tsp garlic powder and ground cumin3 ml 1/2 tsp oregano and dill weed (preferably fresh)5 ml 1 tsp basil250 ml 1 cup tofu, blanched and cubed2 medium chopped tomatoes and thinly sliced…


  • Много сме доволни че посетихме "Център за здраве". Тук се уверихме, че Read More
    Йорданка и Алекси
  • Благодарим ви за топлите грижи, които положихте през тези 10 дни. Признателна Read More
    Марийка Йосифова
  • Прекарахме чудесно! Благодарни сме на колектива на Център за здраве за топлата Read More
    Ирина и Димитър Методиеви
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