Center for Health and Prevention is a non – profit association, which is self – supported for its operational expenses. How ever for the development of the project we depend much on the contributions of people, who have a heart and desire to see our work growing. For this reason we accept donations, gifts, giving and volunteers to reach out to the people in Bulgaria and other countries around the world.


A RECEIPT will be emailed to you promptly for ALL DONATIONS

(if you send us your email address or postal address).

It follows description of our different needs:


  1. Solar panels and electrical equipment - €27,000 
  2. Building a therapeutic covered swimming pool for water gymnastic /hot mineral water is already here/ - €5,000
  3. Paving road in front of and around lifestyle center - €17,000

  4.  Hyperbaric chamber - equipment - €50,000

  5. Staff-house - €25,000

  6. Orchard investments - €5,000 for total project

  7. Excavator for construction - €20,000

  8. Equipment for cardiac recovery - €60,000



  or send your gift to our bank account

Center for Health and Prevention
KBC Bank, Bulgaria
Address: 8900 Nova Zagora, 49 Vasil Levski Str.

Thank you very much for your support!


Gift Certificate

A gift Certificate as a Thank You will be sent to the person or family you list on the Donation Form.